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Grant Application Deadline Postponed

The next deadline for many opportunities is October 21, 2020.

The Process

Internal National Geographic reviewers, qualified outside experts in the fields of conservation, education, research, storytelling, and technology, and the Committee for Research and Exploration (CRE) review all grant applications.


Application submitted

You are notified by email once you successfully submit your online application through the grants portal.


Program Officer Review

Your application is reviewed for accuracy, clarity, and completion.

Expert Review

An international pool of external experts as well as internal National Geographic experts review your application.


Application Scoring

Feedback from the internal and external experts is consolidated. Your application is scored based on their evaluation.


CRE Review

The Committee for Research and Exploration reviews scored applications quarterly and makes recommendations.


Final Decision

Our senior leadership team makes final award decisions. You are notified of grant approval or declination. 


Our Review Committee

The National Geographic Society awards grants through its Committee for Research and Exploration, which consists of two parts: the CRE Executive Committee and the CRE Reviewer Circle. The CRE Executive Committee provides guidance on grant-making strategy and execution and the CRE Reviewer Circle provides the rigorous peer review necessary to ensure the highest-quality projects are funded.

Meet the Committee

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect to receive my grant award payment?
When you receive notification of a successful grant application, you will be asked to submit relevant paperwork. Please allow six to eight weeks for funds to transfer after you return all completed paperwork.

Are grant funds paid to the individual applicant or to an affiliated organization (e.g., university, agency, NGO)?
Grants are awarded to an individual—the applicant. However, you may choose for the payment to be made directly to, and administered by, your affiliated organization. Taxes may apply if the funds are granted specifically to an individual, and you should consult a tax professional for advice. The National Geographic Society cannot divide grant funds between multiple individuals or organizations.

Is it possible to change or extend my project dates after my grant has been awarded?
If the reasons are legitimate, project dates can be extended after checking with your appropriate program officer. However, an extension will not result in additional funding.

Can I apply for a continuation of my grant?
We do not fund continuations of projects that have already received funds from the National Geographic Society. If you have a new project idea, you should submit a new application after you have successfully submitted a final report and media for your previous grant.

My application was declined. Can you share the reviewer comments?
Due to the volume of applications we receive, we do not provide feedback to applicants whose projects have been declined.

Can I resubmit an application for a project that has been declined?
No. The only exception is if you have been invited to do so by a National Geographic Society program officer.

Start your Application

Begin your online application in the Grants Portal.