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Explorers at Work

Our explorers in the field are working to save wildlife and wild places.

Picture of Shivani Bhalla

Shivani Bhalla  

A conservation biologist works to safeguard the future of Kenya’s rapidly declining lion population.

Image of Pablo Borboroglu in Patagonia

Pablo Borboroglu  

A leader in the effort to protect penguins uses new approaches to safeguard the species' future.

Image of Jamal Galves

Jamal Galves  

A National Geographic Photo Ark EDGE Fellow is passionate about manatee conservation in Belize.

Image of Dominique Goncalves

Dominique Gonçalves  

A Mozambican ecologist focuses on elephant conservation and building coexistence between communities.

Picture of Rosamira Guillen

Rosamira Guillen  

A conservationist is protecting one of Colombia’s most endangered native species.

Beverly and Dereck Joubert

Beverly and Dereck Joubert  

The award-winning filmmakers and conservationists aim to save the wild places and animals of Africa.

Image of Rodrigo Medellin

Rodrigo Medellín  

An ecologist in Mexico uses a multidisciplinary approach to protect and conserve bat species.

Hannah Reyes Morales

Hannah Reyes Morales  

A Filipina photojournalists sees photography as an agent of change.

Olivier Nsengimana

Olivier Nsengimana  

A Rwandan veterinarian is implementing a unique project to save his country’s endangered cranes.

Image of Rudi Putra

Rudi Putra  

A biologist is trying to save the critically endangered Sumatran rhinoceros in Indonesia.

Picture of Marina Rivero

Marina Rivero  

A National Geographic Photo Ark EDGE Fellow is focused on tapir recovery in Sierra Madre de Chiapas.

Image of Asha de Vos

Asha de Vos  

A Sri Lankan marine biologist and ocean educator pioneers long-term blue whale research in the Indian Ocean.

Image of Rae Wynn Grant

Rae Wynn-Grant  

An ecologist uses her expertise in statistical modeling to understand human-carnivore conflict.

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