Geography Awareness Week

Geography Awareness Week is November 13 – 17

Geography is Everywhere!

The geographic perspective is at the core of our work at the National Geographic Society.
Clinton Johnson, National Geographic Explorer and Antiracist Geospatial Architect, focuses his work on advancing social justice and equity through GIS mapping technology.

Geography isn’t just about maps and coordinates; it’s also about stories and offers different ways to learn, understand, appreciate and embark on a journey of reflection as we experience the world in our everyday lives.

National Geographic helped to establish Geography Awareness Week to inspire people to be part of a geographically-minded global community that understands geospatial issues and recognizes our impact on the world around us. One of National Geographic’s greatest traditions is to deepen knowledge of geography and the interconnected world around us through geographic storytelling and education.

Geography is a way of looking at the world, a way of understanding why things are where they are and how people’s movements and cultural, societal and political interactions and movements impact all of us.

Join us in celebrating Geography Awareness Week to uncover the boundless wonder of our world, and recognize that every step we take, every place we visit and every challenge we face is interconnected through geography.

National Geographic MapMaker

National Geographic and Esri have teamed up to create a reimagined version of National Geographic MapMaker. Maps are powerful devices that allow us to find our way, analyze and visualize complex datasets, solve problems, facilitate learning and tell stories. Embark on a journey where maps aren’t just lines on paper but gateways to immersive learning experiences for educators and students.

Designed with educators and students in mind, MapMaker allows educators to take their classrooms across the world and dive into National Geographic Explorer research. Teaching about real-world Explorers inspires learners to think like an Explorer, expanding curiosity, knowledge and critical thinking. We’ve curated a collection of resources and activities designed to accompany MapMaker centered around the Society’s impact areas — Wildlife, Ocean, Land, Human Ingenuity and Human Histories and Cultures.

The enhanced MapMaker is more powerful, engaging and educational than ever before. MapMaker doesn’t require a log-in and is free, intuitive and straightforward for anyone to use.

The Essence of an Explorer

Geography is inherent to every Explorer’s work. The geographic perspective helps us to identify connections and interactions within the world around us and inspire people to do the same through storytelling and education.

National Geographic welcomes Explorers from around the globe and seeks to build a community reflecting the diversity of our world. Learn how these inspiring Explorers use geographic approaches in their everyday work to help advance some of the Globe’s most pressing challenges.

Photo credits (from top of page): National Geographic Mapmaker/Esri Sources Esri, USGS, FAO, NOAA; Mark Thiessen (2), Radhika Bhargava, Bethany Mollenkof, Annabel Staff, Mark Thiessen (2), Michael O. Snyder, Mark Thiessen, Sandra Turner

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